Targets, Collimators and Dumps (TCD)

Installing the new upgraded dumps in their new frames
The new, upgraded dumps (new windows, instrumentation, new support system) will be installed in their new frames, ready for the installation in the UD caverns. (Image: CERN)

The TCD section is responsible for all beam-intercepting devices in the CERN accelerator complex, including beam collimators, particle producing targets, beam dumps and absorbers, beam stoppers, passive masks, slits as well as scrapers.

The section carries out conceptual studies, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the mechanical systems and associated equipment, and collaborates in the integration of mechatronics systems needed for operation. The section teams organize and undertakes expert interventions in the beam facilities to carry out mechanical repairs or upgrades of its devices.

The section is responsible for thermo-mechanical studies of all beam-intercepting devices in the accelerator sector, including fixed targets, collimators and dumps/absorbers. It is also in charge of the conceptual design, R&D activities and operation of fixed target stations as well as of dump/shielding assemblies for the whole CERN accelerator complex.

As an integral part of these activities, the section is constantly developing its expertise in the behavior of materials under extreme working conditions as well as their behavior after irradiation (long-term damage and single shot dynamical effects) to predict the evolution of the material response during operation. Research and development activities aiming at the the improvement of design of cooling assemblies for beam intercepting devices is also executed in the TCD section.

The section is in charge of the technical coordination and supervision of the n_TOF spallation target, of the associated experimental areas as well as of the AD antiproton target area.

The section is also in charge for the design, tests and operation of focusing magnetic horns for the CERN accelerator complex.

Studies on the use of remote handling and manipulation and improving the design of beam intercepting devices including remote handling techniques are also carried out within the section.