Radioactive Beam Sources (RBS)

Target storage shelves with operational robot (Image: CERN)

The RBS section is responsible for the fabrication of the target and ion source units dedicated to the production of radioactive ion beams required for the physics programme of ISOLDE and of MEDICIS.

This role encompasses continuous development for target materials and ion sources aiming at increased yield, reliability, and access to new isotope beams, as well as for the improvement of the ISOLDE target stations and of the dedicated off-line equipment. This includes the operation of the Nano-lab, a Class A Laboratory where innovative targets based on nanomaterials are developed and assembled, as for the operation of an irradiation station.

The section maintains an expertise in the operation of isotope separators and other equipment such as the RFQ Cooler or the Tape Station.

The technical coordination of the ISOLDE Facility, the Class A laboratories, along with maintaining the infrastructure, any upgrade of the Facility, including a potential increase in the primary beam intensity and energy, falls within the responsibility of the section. The radioactive nature of the work done at ISOLDE requires that the section have the infrastructure for safe handling of open radioactive sources including actinide target materials. This includes the competencies developed in nuclear engineering to operate hot cells, used in the target disposal and actinide chemical stabilization at the end of their life cycle. The section strives to improve and optimise the procedures and tooling for interventions in the ISOLDE radioactive areas. The section also hosts the MEDICIS infrastructures for secondary irradiation and purification of radionuclides on its dedicated beam line and in its radiochemistry laboratory.

Coordinators / Link persons:

  • ISOLDE Technical Coordinator: Joachim Vollaire
  • Building 179 (ISOLDE and MEDICIS Class A laboratories) Territorial Safety officer: Laura Lambert
  • Radiation Safety Support Officer (Pro-tem): Laura Lambert
  • MEDICIS Project Safety Officer (Pro-tem): Melania Averna