Beam Machine Interactions (BMI)

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The BMI section is in charge of Beam-Machine Interaction studies for all CERN accelerators and future accelerator projects, quantifying through particle shower simulations the impact of different kinds of beam losses on the equipment and evaluating their implications for operation.

Has a leading role in developing, maintaining and distributing the FLUKA code and the Flair graphical interface. Provides worldwide users with assistance and training.

Develops and maintains auxiliary software tools for machine model generation and handling.

In collaboration with the TCD section, participates in the conceptual design of beam intercepting devices as well as of new target area elements.

Leads the Radiation to Electronics (R2E) project, defines the radiation levels across the CERN accelerator complex, and supports the design and interpretation of qualification tests in various irradiation facilities (in particular CHARM), directly carrying out some of them.

Contributes to the activities of the nTOF facility as well as crystal-based beam manipulation.

Assists on request the experiments with the calculation of radiation levels and background conditions.